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    Things Are Things

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    PriceFrom ₪250.00
    • Things Are Things
      50X70 / 40X50
      200g cotton fine art paper printed  in an archival level.


      This is the forth art piece of "The Revival Of The Unseen" series.
      An eclectic art piece that combines a lot of elements in it. This piece is here to speak out the uniqueness and the true voice of any object out there. As I am writing these words the objects are back in their "natural" places around my house, but they will forever play the main character and the leading stars of this art piece story, they will continue to play that role, as long as they are hanging on a wall somewhere.


      Objects: sketch ruler, Roman pillar object, electric plug, bead, damka pieces pile, sponge, blue spiral ring, clothespin, quail egg, handmade yellow ring, candle, bead, TV remote, silver stone.


      * All the objects were lying at different places around my home and united together for this particular art piece.


      ***Does not include frame***

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