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"Ever since I can remember, all I wanted to do was to create, to bring to life the visions I saw in my dreams and mind. Art for me is a magic power that I carry everywhere I go"


Sapir Goldman is a self-taught artist from Tel Aviv.
Her mission is to create a feeling of belonging for people, to make each person feel they are seen. 


Sapir has been gifted with a great sense of aesthetics and a 'bird view' eye,
she is intuitively seeing the big picture and knows how to connect the dots for people who need clarity with their brand's creative and voice aspects.

Today, Sapir is helping brands tell their unique story by finding their voice and core values
and projecting it through different visual aspects - photography, creative direction, art direction, branding, graphic design, and visual strategies.

Sapir believes in innovation and individuality, She always brings something new and unique to each project she is working on. She is well known for her authentic - iconic and minimal aesthetics that come from her daily inspirations and dreams. It is essential for her to bring art into any form of service she offers, to create magical and unusual creations that are both dreamy and earthly.

Sapir is currently working in Tel Aviv but is open to suggestions.

if you want to work with me but aren't sure if it's something that I do - contact me!

I might surprise you :)




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