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    Relative Objection

    SKU: 364215376135191
    PriceFrom ₪250.00
    • Relative Objection
      50X70 / 40X50
      200g cotton fine art paper printed in an archival level.


      This is the first art piece that opens "The Revival Of The Unseen" series.
      An 'object like' composition that was build from pieces that were never meant to meet each other,
      this art piece is an invitation to explore deep and build our own final versions, to pick our own eclectic pieces and to remember that there is never a one right answer.

      Objects: round wooden high coaster, cosmetic cap, wooden bracelet hoop, half circle wooden object. 

      * All the objects were lying at different places around my home and united together for this particular art piece.

      ***Does not include frame***

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