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In collaboration with bana restaurant

When @gemilaya and @rosenshinecom brought to my attention their vision of having an event that celebrates women in all of their grace which also relates to nature, I immediately knew how we are going to combine this 2 groups together. It was important to us to represent a worldview free of patterns, to show the connection and the nursing actions between women to women. It was also a priority for me especially to explore the fine line between sexual and innocent, Sometimes I find it hard to be a woman in the modern world, to be looked at as nothing more than a sexual object. In this project we compared nature itself to us, women. We matched our parts of the body, our curves to the infinite variety of nature, to the Devine, pure nature. Because to me this is exactly what each and everyone of us is.

Big thanks to our team! This exhibition couldn’t go on without you!! And thanks to all of you who supported this project! There really are no words to describe mine and our gratitude 🙏❤️

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